Horowitz Research Launches “Green Horizons,” A Consumer Insights Firm for the Cannabis and Holistic Health Industry



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Horowitz Research is excited to announce the launch of Green Horizons, a research consultancy dedicated to delivering consumer insights for the rapidly growing cannabis and holistic health industries. With one in four Americans living in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, and support for widespread legalization growing, the cannabis market is poised for tremendous growth.

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“Our goal at Green Horizons is to bring the consumer perspective to this emerging market. There have been countless innovations in the cannabis space and product quality has dramatically improved since the early days,” says Adriana Waterston, Green Horizon’s SVP of Insights and Strategy.

“But cannabis has been underground for so long that developing a brand in this marketplace requires more than just a great product. Many cannabis users and potential users have little understanding of what sets one product apart from another. We hope to help brands better understand the consumers they serve to develop standout products, brands, and experiences. Through increased education, we hope also to help break through stereotypes about cannabis users and increase widespread acceptance.”

Green Horizons has released its first free e-book, Cultivating the Cannabis Market, which offers a high-level overview of findings from the more detailed report available for purchase. The e-book includes information on the cannabis market in the United States, profiles types of cannabis users, brand awareness, and brand drivers for visiting specific dispensaries.

A few key findings include:

  • Cannabis users are more—not less—active and health conscious. Despite the “lazy stoner” stereotype, cannabis users are more likely to report that exercising and staying in physical shape play a big role in their life. They are also more likely to report incorporating natural or organic foods into their diet;
  • While accurate dosing is, unsurprisingly, the top “must-have” for edibles, three in 10 edibles consumers consider organic ingredients a must-have. About one in five are also looking for non-GMO, sugar-free, and gluten-free options;
  • 44% of cannabis users, who live in a state where cannabis is not legal, say they buy cannabis from a dispensary in another state;
  • Across 20 brands tested, only three—Leafs by Snoop, Cheeba Chews, and Marley Natural—are known by more than one in five cannabis users. A third of cannabis users reported having never heard of any of the brands tested, highlighting the enormous opportunity for brand growth in the cannabis industry.


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Meredith Falvo
Client Services

For Press Inquiries, Contact:

Stephanie Wong
Director, Insights & Strategy