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About Green Horizons

About Green Horizons

Drawing on more than three decades in the market research and consumer insights industry, Green Horizons, a subsidiary of Horowitz Research, is a consumer insights firm with the expertise, strategy, and passion to deliver the actionable insights you need to build a brand and capture market share in a rapidly growing and increasingly crowded marketplace.


Adriana Waterston, SVP Insights & Strategy

Adriana Waterston
Chief Revenue Officer and Insights & Strategy Lead

Recognizing a tremendous opportunity for brands in the cannabis and holistic health space, Adriana is spearheading Green Horizons with nearly 20 years of experience in the market research and consumer insights industry. She is passionate about uncovering the ‘whys’ behind what drives consumer loyalty to brands. A keen understanding of culture informs how she approaches insights and strategy.

Adriana has a passion for expanding our clients’ understanding of the growing multicultural, Latino, Black and Asian segments. A native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Adriana joined Horowitz in 2001 and is a recognized expert on the U.S. Hispanic market.